Electric cars save money and the environment. Our solution can save you up to 60% on an electric car lease.

We have researched the EV market thoroughly and created a unique offering that will save you between 40%-60% on an electric car lease by maximising the governments incentives to make the switch to electric.

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Key Benefits of Leasing an EV

  • Access to the entire UK market of electric cars.
  • Purchase your vehicle at corporate fleet discount rates, saving money.
  • One simple monthly payment including servicing, maintenance, tyres, accident management and roadside assistance.
  • If you novated the lease to your employer or business, they could save money on employer’s national insurance, VAT and tax.
  • As an employee you could save up to 50% through payroll taxes.
  • Simple and painless – we do all the paperwork and liaise with your employer.

Tesla Model 3 Performance

Prices from: £649 per month

Jaguar e-pace

Prices from: £779 per month

Audi Etron

Prices from: £699 per month

BMW i3 120Ah

Prices from: £399 per month

Nissan Leaf

Prices from: £369 per month

Hyundai IONIQ

Prices from: £339 per month

Renault Zoe R110

Prices from: £319 per month

Included as Standard…


Road tax


Servicing and repairs

Charge on the BuzzEV network of car chargers

Wear and tear

Find out how much you could save with our calculator:

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