Welcome to the next generation of e-bikes.


Welcome to the next generation of e-bikes.

BuzzEV are proud to partner with several e-bike suppliers who seamlessly blend user experience and technological innovation to bring you an e-bike experience like no other. Our partner’s  e-bikes have innovated beyond the realm of normal e-bikes on both a hardware and software perspective, allowing you to truly ‘take the streets’ like never before. Prices start from £1790.


Benefits of an e-bike

There are many benefits to owning an e-bike from one of our partners over a generic brand. Firstly, the e-bikes are made from scratch with a phenomenal user experience in mind from the outset. This blends both hardware and software together, meaning it isn’t a traditional bike with a battery bolted to it, but a authentic e-bike, designed to power every single one of your journey’s. 

Our e-bikes have great features such as automatic assistance, meaning your speed changes dynamically based on your own movement. The battery doesn’t define how fast or slow you go, it merely guides and augments your experience, as riding a bike is a wonderful experience in itself! Your e-bike will adapt to your own speed and style, meaning a longer battery life, and a more natural, fluid journey for you. 

Every single e-bike also has ‘instant start’, meaning from the very first push on your pedal, the battery is engaged and ready to propel you forwards. No more cycling furiously to ‘charge up’ the battery only for a few moment’s of reprieve. The e-bikes from our partners are always ready to go, you just push the pedal. 

E-bikes are built upon simplicity, meaning there are no pesky gears to cycle through. There is one intelligent mode, with the bike adapting silently as you ride it, with zero lag, juddering or slowdown. 

Riding an e-bike is great for the environment in comparison to solutions like scooters, and they’re also very easy to store or transport. The frame itself is lightweight and durable, with the heaviest component being the battery itself, which gives up to 43.5 miles on a full charge, and reaches 100% when charged for just 3.5 hours.

BuzzEV has always been on the forefront of technical innovation, which is why we’ve chosen to partner with several key e-bike creators across the UK. They’re simple, efficient and are technically several steps ahead of other competitors, aligning them perfectly with our company and its values.

Image: https://techcrunch.com/2019/10/23/a-bike-lovers-take-on-the-cowboy-e-bike/

Cycle to work for Employers

Employers can register for the ‘Cycle to Work Scheme’ to begin offering their employees the benefits of an e-bike. this scheme allows your employees to save between 25 – 39% when purchasing a new bike and accessories, and also allows them to spread this cost over a number of months. It’s a free scheme for employers to sign up to, and everything is activated online via your own dashboard. Recently, the £1000 limit was also lifted, meaning your employees have greater access to a variety of bikes, such as the Cowboy e-bike. 


How does it work for employers?


The cycle to work scheme allows employers to empower their employees by offering them access to commuter bikes like the Cowboy e-bike, with the cost spread out over 12-months through a simple tax break. 

Firstly, the employer must register with the scheme, it’s free and simple to do, taking under 5 minutes. 

Secondly, the employees select a bike, either online or via a retailer. Once they’ve seen one they like, they make an application. The employer then approves their request and makes payment for the bike.

Lastly, the e-bike is delivered to the employee, who then begins their salary repayments from that month. After 12 months, the employer usually recovers the cost they paid for the bike, with nearly 14% in savings, too. 

Sign up below to offer your employees a cycle to work scheme. 


Cycle to work for Employees

The first step is to get your employer to sign up to the cycle to work scheme. Luckily, it’s simpler than ever. Just follow this link and fill out a short form to give your employer the heads up that you’re interested in the cycle to work scheme.

From there, your employer can activate their account within a few minutes and invite you to browse for e-bikes. Alternatively, just fill out the form below and we’ll contact your employer for you to get them enrolled onto the cycle to work scheme:




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