What is the BuzzEV Charging Network?

The UK’s Fastest growing charging network

BuzzEV charging network is an open network that providers EV drivers access to a wide number of chargers. It allows charge point operators to list and manage their charger on the network.

We are compatible with Grieve, … etc and the fastest growing network in the UK !

The BuzzEV network is a convenient and powerful way for people to charge their electric vehicles. Simply put, it’s a real-time map of all BuzzEV chargers near to you. If you’re on our network (for which you can sign up for free), you’ll have access to all of our charge stations across the UK.

You can also earn credit for signing up and using the network, meaning you can reduce the cost of your charge even further. You can invite your friends and family to the network, and even add your own home charger to our public network, allowing you to generate revenue from your own driveway. 

The map below shows all active car charging stations, with additional stations being added every day.

Join the network and embrace the EV revolution.

How it works

Just sign up to our network and get instant access to our charging stations, many of which you can use to collect credit on your account. Everything is controlled from our bespoke app, meaning you can check where the nearest charging station is, monitor your charging history and collect credit, all from a few taps. With EV’s releasing ever more impressive features, we felt it was time this same experience was extended across to people when charging their EV. The answer fits in the palm of your hand – the new BuzzEV mobile app which gives you access to our vast and organic network.