100% Electric car club that saves you money, time and helps the environment.
BuzzEV Car Club is revolutionising your transport by providing a convenient, hassle-free, environmentally friendly alternative to private car ownership.

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Car Club for Business

Whether public or private sector, BuzzEV Car Club has solutions to bolster your business – working with you on a development proposal or enhancing your green credentials. We have the complete solution from the latest electric vehicles, car chargers and app and we’ll work with you to create the right bespoke solution to best meet your transport needs.

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Business & Public sectors

Property Developers:

Supporting your Project with a bespoke car club solution

Whether you are a property developer or housing association we will work with you to implement a bespoke car club solution. In doing so we’ll not only help you meet planning obligations and optimise how you’re using space, but we’ll help you reduce congestion, and attract buyers and tenants.

Why Property Developers work with BuzzEV Car Club

  • Maximise On-Site Space: Replace multiple parking spaces with a single car club vehicle – the average club car has 30 members using it
  • Secure Planning Permission – meeting Section 106: Increase the likelihood of gaining the most optimal planning permission for your project and fulfil the requirements outlined in Section 106 agreements
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint: Fulfil policies on congestion, traffic and carbon reduction by tackling car dependency and ownership
  • Attract Buyers & Tenants: Promote the fact that your property ‘comes with access to a car!

We offer a complete solution :

We have an extensive range of electric vehicles available to suit all needs, from small city cars to SUVs to vans. We’ll work with you, analysing the needs of your residents to install the optimal makes and models.

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Local Authorities

Contribute towards reducing congestion and improving local air quality by encouraging sustainable and economical travel amongst authority staff and residents.

The benefits of a BuzzEV car scheme for Local Authorities

  • Cost effective alternative to pool cars, grey fleet mileage and taxis
  • Access to BuzzEV’s intelligent booking and management system
  • Strong industry partnerships, from charge point manufacturers to automotive OEMs, allowing BuzzEV to deploy a complete, reliable and cost-effective schemes
  • A long-term partner, BuzzEV is committed to developing projects that will be sustainable over the long term and has 100% green credentials

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Health care

BuzzEV Car Club can transform the way staff travel to meet the needs of their communities, whilst minimising the impact on the local environment and ensuring economical efficiencies.

BuzzEV provides a fully managed service that helps Healthcare institutions tackle spiralling transport costs by:

  • Reducing total business miles driven
  • Maximising utilisation of a given vehicle
  • Offering an alternative to taxis for those without a personal vehicle
  • Providing greater visibility on staff business travel
  • Provides a low carbon travel solution and helps fulfil emissions reduction targets

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BuzzEV Car Club is for both staff and students alike, giving you access to alternative sustainable transportation in and around your local campus, city and surrounding area.

The benefits of BuzzEV at your University or college

  • Provides your staff and students with a cost effective and reliable transport option
  • Low cost and transparent pricing models
  • Eases the problems of onsite parking pressure and local congestion
  • Reduces your business travel expenditure
  • Helps minimise your carbon footprint
  • Encourages staff to commute sustainably to work (e.g. walk, cycle or take public transport)

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Business Travel

BuzzEV Car Club saves hundreds of businesses time and money by replacing expensive and time-consuming company cars, taxis and mileage reimbursement (grey fleet) with access to self-service vehicles. Find out how you might benefit from centralised billing, bespoke vehicle access and discounted retail rental rates.

  • Our model helps to tackle unnecessary fleet costs by:
  • Doing away with onerous personal mileage reimbursements
  • Access to our simple online booking system & keyless vehicle access
  • No key handovers, with complete visibility over vehicle usage
  • Reduced reliance on personal vehicles which in-turn relieves onsite parking pressure
  • BuzzEV fleet is fully electric utilising the lowest emission vehicles on the market
  • Access to E-Cars at work, encourages travelling to work by public transport

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