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Leasing an electric vehicle for your business is a great way to improve your carbon footprint, and also an efficient way of transportation. You can also take advantage of the 0% Benefit in Kind rate, which is a great way to lease via your business and shelter your profits in a transparent and effective way. 

With BuzzEV, after one quick phone call we arrange for a dedicated member of our team to source your ideal car for you, keeping you informed every step of the way. The result is a car that you lease on terms you’re happy with, at a price that is both competitive and fair.

The way we work

We believe that EVs should be simple and affordable for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a small business looking to save money with an efficient EV, or a large corporate looking to lease a fleet of electric cars to push your company into the future, BuzzEV has solutions suited to your needs.

We work with an exclusive consortium of manufacturers and leasing companies to provide the most competitive rate on any leasing plan

With EV adoption rates skyrocketing, we’ve ensured our business customers can take advantage of the latest regulations, such as the 0% Benefit in Kind rate, as opposed to paying 37% on the other side of the scale. This is from 5th April 2020 until the 6th April 2021, making it the perfect window of opportunity to introduce businesses to the EV revolution of clean energy.

Benefits of Leasing an EV for Business

There are many benefits when leasing an EV for business use. The most obvious benefit is you don’t have to pay extortionate amounts in Benefit of Kind or P11D, meaning you can offer your staff safe, reliable transportation in a cost-effective manner.

Here are a few key benefits in leasing an EV:

  • You’ll have lower fuel bills if it’s a hybrid model, or no fuel at all if it’s a native EV. You’ll only have to pay for electricity when you plug it in, with many cars (such as a 3.5KW Nissan Leaf, which consumes as much energy as a kettle operating for several hours).

  • You can take advantage of a 100% capital allowance and 0% benefit in kind (as of April 2020)
  • Your carbon footprint is dramatically improved, meaning you can confidently claim your business is doing its bit to help alleviate the climate crisis. 

  • Your car will be newer than the majority of cars on the road, meaning you can always drive the latest EV.

  • Your business can take advantage of the numerous tax incentives associated with leasing an EV

  • As with most leasing contracts, it’s completely hassle free, meaning you can drive to your heart’s content, and then just hand back the keys at the end of the agreed period of time. We cover all maintenance and breakdowns.

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