The electric revolution has started.

By 2040, more than half of new cars sold in the world will be electric vehicles, with 70% of market share in Europe, and over 50% in China. *

* World Economic Forum, Electric Vehicles for Smarter Cities: The Future of Energy and Mobility


Our Purpose

To ensure that every customer that switches to electric gets the best value solution on the day.


Our Solutions

At BuzzEV we continuously research the market and are the first to provide best value solutions that meet our customers mobility requirements.


  • EV Leasing – we maximise grants and tax incentives to bring you savings of up to 60%
  • Smart charging solutions for your home or business – unleash the energy saving potential with our charger and app and future proof your business with the leading charging management system
  • Car club with App – our fleet are 100% electric, lower pollution and are ideal where space and parking are limited.


Projects – we offer bespoke smart solutions that can integrate your energy and transport needs to lower your carbon footprint and offer significant cost savings.

Irshad Ali - BuzzEV CEO

The team

BuzzEV has been backed by several investors, several of which have a position on our board. These include ex-HSBC Directors and notable public figures who truly believe in the electrification market. Our CEO, Irshad Akhtar, was the driving force behind the conception of BuzzEV, with a single-minded and dedicated approach to creating an Electrification company that can become a household brand.

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Our Vision

We want to be the catalyst that accelerates electrification of transport because we believe in a healthier planet.

 Join us in this journey and enjoy saving the planet!