Welcome to BuzzEV.co.uk

Welcome to BuzzEV, home of the electric vehicle revolution

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EV Leasing

We maximize grants and tax incentives to bring you savings of up to 60%.

Tailored to reduce your costs and carbon footprint

100% electric car sharing via app

Smart Charging

Unleash the energy saving potential with our charger and app

Future proof your business with the leading charger management system

Our App allows you access to UK’s fastest growing network

Welcome to BuzzEV, the home of the EV Revolution

BuzzEV provides solutions for the Electric vehicle market, from affordable leasing options and bespoke car charger installation to business and enterprise services.

We offer simple and elegant solutions to those looking to make the switch to an electric vehicle, making it hassle free and convenient.

Whether you’re new to the electric market or looking for a new solution that suits your needs, BuzzEV has you covered.

Our Purpose


To ensure that every customer that switches to electric gets the best value solution on the day.

Our Vision


We want to be the catalyst that accelerates electrification of transport because we believe in a healthier planet. 

Smart car charging

Charging your electric car shouldn’t leave you feeling drained, which is why BuzzEV provides a complete car charging solution for your home and away.

With BuzzEV, you’ll get a premium car charger at an affordable price, and in addition the ability to save hundreds of pounds on your energy bills.

Our service includes full installation and maintenance of your smart charging solution. Our easy to use BuzzEV App puts you in-charge and everything can be controlled. You can see your energy consumption in real-time, automatically charge at non-peak time to save energy costs, earn credits for smart charging and sharing your charger with other members. We can also recommend the best energy tariffs for your energy consumption saving you money.

Our app handles everything, and if you have any issues, our friendly team are just a quick call away.

BuzzEV Charging Network

The UK’s Fastest growing charging network

BuzzEV charging network is an open network that providers EV drivers access to a wide number of chargers. It allows charge point operators to list and manage their charger on the network. The BuzzEV network is a convenient and powerful way for people to charge their electric vehicles. Simply put, it’s a real-time map of all BuzzEV chargers near to you. If you’re on our network (for which you can sign up for free), you’ll have access to all of our charge stations across the UK.

You can also earn credit for signing up and using the network, meaning you can reduce the cost of your charge even further. You can invite your friends and family to the network, and even add your own home charger to our public network, allowing you to generate revenue from your own driveway. 


Press releases


Oxford Science Centre uses BuzzEV vehicles to deliver science kits to local schools for free.

Personal leasing

Our personal leasing scheme offers cutting-edge electric cars with savings of up to 60% through our bespoke schemes, such as ‘bee-lease’. We are more than a provider of EV’s, we are a solutions provider dedicated to getting you the best value deal and ensuring your transition into the world of EV’s is defined by excitement, convenience and ease.

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Car Club

100% Electric car club that saves you money, time and helps the environment. BuzzEV Car Club is revolutionising your transport by providing a convenient, hassle-free, environmentally friendly alternative to private car ownership. Car Club for Business we have solutions to bolster your business – working with you on a development proposal or enhancing your green credentials.

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